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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tom Alter performing for Help In Suffering

Clarks supports a number of NGOs working for betterment of the social fabric, the prominent among then being 'Help in Suffering' (HIS). HIS is engaged in animal welfare activities, working for the benefit of camels, cows, dogs, donkeys, horses, elephants and birds.

On April 15th 2010,veteran actor Tom Alter was in Jaipur to raise funds for a good cause: Help in Suffering.

He staged three short plays.......... The Last Annal of Alamgir, Karna and Aftermath – and three different stories were interwoven beautifully by the well-known writer Ranjit Hoskote to depict a tale that was at once historic and contemprary – a tale of destruction, loss and the knowledge of sorrow.
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